Hill House Bed & Breakfast Policies


Standard check-in time is between 3:30 and 7:30. We ask that you not arrive earlier, unless you have an early flight into Asheville, have been camping the evening before, need to dress for an afternoon function, or similarly good reason that necessitates early arrival. If you arrive later than 7:30, we may need to discuss or e-mail self-check-in procedures.


Check-out is at 11:00 a.m. on the morning of departure. We’re not hawks about it.

Cancellations: [Read Details…]

Hill House Bed & Breakfast is unlike most other inns and hotels. If you cancel, we will only retain your deposit if we actually lose money, and then we will still issue a credit for weeknight rooms. Standard cancellation fees are $50, and are rebated if you rebook the room for a later date. Please see this *LINK* that fully explains our cancellation policy.

Data Collection: [Read Details…]

Hill House does not sell or market your area to any third party. We use only your e-mail address — for communication directly related to your reservation and between two and four promotional newsletters per year — and your phone number, if we need to contact you when you are on the property or en route. HomeAway.com, our booking engine provider through its Rezovation subsidiary, also has access to the information you provide when making your reservation on our site.

Third-Party Gift Cards: [Read Details…]

Hill House Bed & Breakfast accepts most third-party gift cards.

Reservations/Deposits:  [Read Details…]

Reservations may be made online at this website or by calling 855-447-0002 or 828-232-0345, and are confirmed at booking. Reservations are guaranteed with a valid Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit card. (We don’t take American Express.) Reservation confirmation letters with discount partner information are e-mailed within 24 hours of the reservation.

For all reservations, a deposit of the room’s one-night rack rate is required. Most discounts are taken off the back-end balance. All deposits are subject to standard cancellation policies. Balances are due upon check-in. Payments can be made using cash, traveler’s check, or credit card.

The inn requires a minimum stay of two nights on most weekends (exceptions are some weekends in January and February and sometimes when a Thursday/Friday or Saturday/Sunday have previously booked) and all nights in most of October and during the Christmas/New Year holiday season.

All rates are based on two-person occupancy, with a $25/additional person charge. Please notify us of an extra guest in advance of arrival.

Children:  [Read Details…]

Hill House Bed & Breakfast generally will not accept children less than 2 years old, because their crying could disturb other guests. If other guests complain about behavior or noise of children, the family may be asked to leave and/or be subject to financial penalties. Please inform us when making your reservation if you have children and their ages.

Pets: [Read Details…]

We allow adult dogs under 25 pounds in the Flat Iron guestroom in the main Hill House building, and in the Pisgah Apartment in the rear townhouse. They must be quiet when left in the room. Their vaccination and flea control papers must be provided us before check-in. Because of guests’ allergies, we unfortunately cannot accept cats. The fee is $20 per night, two dogs maximum. If a dog barks excessively, he will have to be boarded offsite or his companions will have to check out.

Smoking: [Read Details…]

All guest rooms, interior public spaces, and the front/rear porch of the Hill House Bed & Breakfast are NON-SMOKING. Receptacles are provided for cigarette ashes & butts in the main yard and on the Hideaway and Pisgah porch. Guests are liable for a $300 cleaning fee for smoke odors in the rooms.

Damages: [Read Details…]

For the safety of all guests, no candles are to be lit in rooms. A minimum $100 cleaning fee will be assessed if candles or wax residue are found in the room upon departure.

Red wine stains can be extremely difficult to remove. Caution is advised if you are enjoying red wine in your room, since any damage to carpet or linens will be the responsibility of the guest.

We provide both colored facecloths and makeup removal pads. You will be assessed a charge of $15.00 for using our white facecloths for makeup removal.

Additional Assessments 

Guests who necessitate extraordinary cleaning, cause damage to the property, or seriously disturb other guests are liable for additional assessments.


Many hotels rely on income they make from retaining deposits when guests must cancel. Hill House Bed and Breakfast doesn’t agree with this model.

When guests have last-minute emergencies and have to cancel their reservations, most, including many bed and breakfasts, will charge their credit cards for the full amount of the trip. They do this even if they have other rooms vacant that night, and/or if the inn is full and they rebook the room to new guests.

Hill House does not do this. We don’t want to make guests’ emergencies even worse. If you cancel and Hill House is not full or, if we are full and we rebook the room, you get your money back. There is only a $50 processing fee for cancellations, which we refund if you book a new reservation at a later date.

And if we must take your money because we can’t rebook, we issue you a full credit for weeknight bookings any time, except in October or the Holiday Season.

So again, Hill House will keep guests’ deposits (8-14 days prior to the reservation) or charge their card for the full amount (within 7 days of the reservation) ONLY IF:

  • All other rooms in the same rate class are booked;
  • We cannot rebook the room

When you must cancel, Hill House always will always post the resulting vacancy on our booking page and all other booking services we use.

Hill House will keep your money, only if we lose money because of your cancellation. You have my word.

At Hill House, you have an almost risk-free reservation, and I don’t think any other B&B in Asheville will publicly make you this same guarantee.

David Raphael Smith, Hill House Proprietor