Hill House Freshens Up in 2016 – Take Our Virtual Photo Tour to See The Changes We’ve Made

Our big 2016 project at Hill House is to refresh the décor of each of our rooms, and we are happy to announce that the first phase is complete!  With the help of interior designer Tina McCants, we’ve made exciting changes to the Arcade, Jackson, Drhumor, and Biltmore Rooms.  “Over the years pieces had been moved from room to room resulting in a sense of disconnect within the rooms,” Tina explains. “We went through each room to look for areas that needed the most attention. Our goal was to get each room back to a calm, intentional feeling and flow within the space.” Take a peek inside the Arcade, Jackson, Drhumor, and Biltmore Rooms with this visual “before and after” tour to see what improvements we’ve made so far!

Changes in Décor: The Arcade Room’s sunny window seat has new upholstery and pillows. We’ve also added a new chair and window treatments that bring out the room’s bright, floral design motif.
Arcade Room Before Photos:
Arcade Room After Photos:
Arcade From Door
Arcade Angle
Changes in Décor: The romantic Jackson Room, decorated in warm beiges and accented with a blend of Neoclassic and Asian influences, has a new bedcover, shams, and bed curtain on its queen canopy bed. You’ll also find updated windows treatments and a newly upholstered side chair.
 Jackson Room Before Photos:
Jackson Room After Photos: 
Jackson Establishing
Jackson Bed and Curtain
Jackson Corner
Changes in Décor: In the rich and cozy Dhrumor Room, you’ll find new floral bedding on the impressive four-poster canopy queen that brings life to the stately room. We’ve also freshened up the soft peach wall tones with a new coat of paint.
Dhrumor Room Before Photos:
Dhrumor Room After Photos:
Drhumor from Corner w FP
Drhumor from Vanity
 Changes in Décor – The Biltmore Suite, decorated with reproductions and memorabilia of Asheville’s famous Biltmore House, is now more airy and comfortable than ever. We’ve  replaced the upholstery, couch, and chair to give the suite a lighter, more open design, and added new bedding and pillows to enhance the majesty of the mahogany canopy queen bed.
Biltmore Room Before Photos:
Biltmore Room After Photos:
Biltmore from doorway
Biltmore Sitting 2
Changes in Décor: The chic and spacious Biltmore Bath has a new privacy screen, re-upholstered chair, and window treatments to add to the charm of its hardwood floors, crystal chandelier, and double jacuzzi tub.
 Biltmore Bath After Photo: 
Biltmore Bath Tighter
Thanks for taking the tour, we hope you’ll come visit us to see the changes for yourself. Look for more to come in 2016!

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