Social Hour at Hill House

Social Hour at Hill House



Hotel bars have their happy hours. Social hours, also called wine hours, are regular features of many bed and breakfasts, including Hill House. At some inns, some gregarious innkeepers like to hold court from 5:00 – 7:00, pouring wine and entertaining guests.

At Hill House, Katie, Joe, and David love to chat up guests when our paths happen to cross. But we all prefer to let the guests have as much space in the parlor or on the porch as they desire.

We set red and white wine out with a bottle opener and a hors d’oeuvre, or two of them on a busy night. Some popular ones we’ve found are cherry tomatoes with a mushroom stuffing, thin Italian deli meats rolled around cheeses, one-bite pizza slices, and french bread topped with either olive tapenade or bruschetta.

Some guests prefer to sit alone and nosh and sip in a corner of the porch. Others like to make new friends. Hill House wants all to enjoy.




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