Hill House’s Neighborhood

Hill House’s Neighborhood



Hill House is something of an anomaly among bed & breakfasts in Asheville in that it isn’t located in a distinct neighborhood. Nothing like the cachet of Montford or Chestnut Hills. Some would place us in a little largely residential district called Five Points, but I think we’re a few doors to far east for inclusion there. When someone asks, I just say North Asheville between Broadway and Merrimon.

Whatever our neighborhood is called, it will soon be known for its grocery stores. A Whole Foods (also called Greenlife which was the existing grocery that Whole Foods purchased) has been around on lower Merrimon Avenue for a number of years. But later this year a Trader Joe’s, the California-based specialty grocery with something of a cult following, will open next door to Whole Foods. About at the same time Harris Teeter, the giant Charlotte-based chain, will open a store on Trader Joe’s other side. And in early 2013, locally-owned Dough, a specialty bakery and deli, opened a few blocks to the north of Hill House, also on Merrimon Avenue.

Maybe soon some restaurants will follow. For now, there’s hippie favorite HomeGrown, across Merrimon from Dough, the elegant vegetarian restaurant Plant, across Merrimon from the new Harris Teeter, and the no-frills, diner-style Five Points Restaurant (breakfast and lunch only) at Broadway and Chestnut. Everybody’s favorite coffee bar in the neighborhood is HighFive (formerly the Dripolator), on the ground level of the Pioneer condominiums, marketed by Downtown Asheville Condos, and around the corner from Whole Foods.

As for Hill House’s block, look at the photos. That’s Asia Bed & Spa, our next-door neighbor in the upper left. Everything else is just a regular American, quiet, residential neighborhood.





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