Gay Lodging in Asheville

Gay Lodging in Asheville


There isn’t any.

Because of the large number of bed and breakfasts, small inns, and other alternatives to chain hotels and motels, many gay travelers expect there to be gay guesthouses in Asheville and the surrounding mountains, as there are in places like Fort Lauderdale, Provincetown, and Key West. But that’s not the case.

Asheville and the smaller vacation towns in the Blue Ridge, like Brevard or Black Mountain, all certainly are gay-friendly. But none are gay destinations. Some of the inns, like Hill House, may be gay-owned, but — also like Hill House — may not have gay staff. Or alternatively, a husband and wife who own the inn may have an openly gay innkeeper.

Asheville’s more of a place that throws everyone into the same mix and looks for the best. At Hill House, we recall a 50ish, lawyerly-looking husband and wife who were seated at breakfast next to two men who had driven their choppers down from Pittsburgh. When we first looked, each were leaning in their chairs as far away as possible from the other couple. At the end of breakfast, all wanted refills on their coffee.

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