Downtown Asheville and B&B’s

Downtown Asheville and B&B sskyline2-credit-asheville-area-chamber-of-commerce



Downtown Asheville is a popular place. Yes, many visitors come to Asheville to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway and visit the Biltmore Estate, but many also come to savor the restaurants, nightlife, arts, and shopping downtown. The website of the Asheville Convention and Visitors Bureau, says that scads of B&Bs in Asheville, including Hill House, are downtown. But t’aint true. None are.

A lot of B&Bs like Hill House are close, but none are in the downtown zone, and beware of any B&B that tries to tell you it is in downtown. Many are in the Montford historic district northwest of downtown. Some others, including Hill House, are just north of downtown off of Merrimon Avenue. And then there are a handful between downtown and the Biltmore Estate to the south.

When guests ask, we tell them that Hill House is one mile from the center of downtown. A couple other may be a few hundred yards closer, but none of us are rubbing shoulders with the restaurants and shops that bring visitors to our city.

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