Concierge Services at Hill House

Concierge Services at Hill House


Some B&Bs bend over backwards to make various reservations for their guests. Hill House’s previous owners provided a lot of advance concierge services — whitewater rafting, horseback riding, spa visits, food tours, you name it.

I did it for awhile, and after a few months, honestly, I decided that being an appointments secretary wasn’t, how shall we say, the best use of my time. I like to make my personal appointments myself over the telephone, so if the ideal place at the ideal time isn’t available I can make the next best choice. And I think most guests feel the same way. I’m sure all of you, at some point in your lives, have experienced the headache of a middleman trying to go back and forth and find a mutually available time.

So now, if you’re here at Hill House and within shouting distance, any one of us is happy to make a reservation at a restaurant or wherever else you may want to go. But before you arrive, Hill House now provides you a phone number and a Partner Discount Code, and we let you work out the best time and service option for yourselves, so we can concentrate on providing our guests currently in the inn with the great service they deserve.

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