Hill House Bed and Breakfast
120 Hillside Street
Asheville, North Carolina, 28801, United States
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One of the less savory aspects about many bed and breakfasts is the profit they make on cancellation fees.

When guests have last-minute emergencies and have to cancel their reservations, most bed and breakfasts will charge their credit card for the full amount of the trip. They do this if they have other similar rooms vacant, and even if they’re full and then rebook the room to new guests.

Hill House is alone in Asheville in not doing this. We just don’t have it in us to make guests’ emergencies even worse with this kind of taking.

I bought Hill House in February 2012, and in October 2013, I kept my first and only deposit -- a Friday night cancellation the day before that didn't rebook, despite being featured on the website.

There is only a $50 processing fee for cancellations, which I refund if guests book a new reservation.

Hill House will keep guests’ deposits (8-14 days prior to the reservation) or charge their card for the full amount (within 7 days of the reservation) ONLY IF:

  • All other rooms in the same rate class are booked, and
  • We cannot rebook the room.

And when the inn is full and a room opens up at the last minute because of a cancellation, it always will be specially advertised on our website.

Hill House will keep your money, only if we lose money because of your cancellation. You have my word.

At Hill House, you have an almost risk-free reservation, and no other B&B in Asheville will publicly make you this same guarantee.

David Raphael Smith, Hill House Proprietor