Hill House Gatherings

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We get calls or emails about every week from someone looking to have a luncheon, reception, private party, etc. at Hill House. Our immediate response is always the same — book a couple of rooms and we’d love to have you.

One reason for this is regulatory and physical limitations. The state allows bed and breakfasts to cook only breakfast onsite. The city restricts bed and breakfasts to four non-guest events per year. And Hill House doesn’t have a public restroom, because, well, we don’t need one.

But more importantly, we’re here for our inn guests, and while here, the inn belongs to our guests. If guests want to quietly sip tea all afternoon on the porch, kick a soccer ball around on the lawn, or hang out in their room undisturbed, we work hard to provide that ambience. Outsiders coming in for an event would destroy that.

But now again, if you’d like to book a couple of rooms in coordination with a catered function, then you’d be a guest with the same privileges and treatment……

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