What Asheville B&Bs Can and Cannot Do

What Asheville B&Bs Can and Cannot Do

i-do.jpg.737x248_defaultBecause Asheville is a mid-sized city with a variety of competing interests, bed and breakfasts here are subject to a number of limitations not placed on B&Bs elsewhere.

Foremost, is the county regulation limiting meals to breakfasts. Local restaurants hate the idea of guests having a dinner table downstairs, so no lunch and dinners, as some other B&Bs elsewhere offer. Besides, the state requires a commercial kitchen for meals other than breakfast, and it’s a significant expense.

Asheville B&Bs, however, can facilitate meals that a guest orders on his own. This can mean anything from as simple as offering some paper plates and sodas to accompany a pizza a guest has ordered to setting up and breaking down table service for a catered dinner for 40 and pouring our own wine.

Speaking of wine — we’re not permitted to sell alcohol, but we can and do include wine in our room rate. Sometimes we pour, other times we’ll just set a bottle out in our guest pantry during the wine hour.

The other important NoNo for Asheville B&Bs, which I’ve written about earlier, is use of the property for receptions by local people. The city limits B&Bs to four “events” like that per year, and it seems most Asheville inns favor offering their space to community-type gatherings rather than marketing it for weddings and similar events. Guests, of course, are welcome to use the Hill House common areas for weddings, receptions, dinners, and other events, with some boundaries.

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